Propane Tank Information

When setting up your account, we will work with you to determine the tank size
that works best for you based on your gas appliances. During the tank set, you
will receive a tank rental agreement that provides information and guidelines on
your tank.

Rental Fees for above ground tanks:

120 (pig tank)  $50.00 per year
250  $60.00 per year or FREE if 400 gallons are used
330  $60.00 per year or FREE if 600 gallons are used
500 $60.00 per year or FREE if 800 gallons are used
1000  $60.00 per year or FREE if 1600 gallons are used

Service to tanks:
As part of the rental agreement,  service to our tanks is included. If you own your tank and feel it needs serviced, due to a leak or other,  we can provide service for your tank also. Call us today.

Cylinder, gas grill and other tank fills:

We have on-site cylinder, gas grill, forklift cylinders and RV filling available. Give your local office a call today. Cylinder tanks can be delivered to your home at no extra charge.

Underground tanks available for purchase. Call for pricing

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