Prebuy Plan

Pay for your LP in advance  and get locked in on our low rate.

You purchase gallons at a low fixed rate and pay for these gallons by August 30th. The rate is in effect for these gallons from October 1st until March 31st. Most pre-buy customers fill during the summer at our Low Summer Fill Price. Any unused dollars remaining on your account after March 31st can be used as needed to purchase additional gallons at the then current market price.

Pre-buy customers are on a Keep Full basis. We will keep your tank at optimum capacity throughout the season.


  • Pre-buy  by August 30th at our low price
  • We will review your account usage to aid in estimating the number of gallons to purchase
  • If you run out of pre-buy dollars prior to March 31st, deliveries will then be at current market price
  • Any remaining dollars on your account belong to you and can be used to fund the next years pre-buy LP when pricing is available (mid-July)
  • No special delivery or out of gas charges*
  • We will keep your tank at optimum capacity,  but please call us when your tank is near 30%
  • Pre-buy customers are not will call

*As long as your account is in good standing

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