Propane Budget Plans


Why is this plan our most popular?  Customers like the ease of use and guaranteed low pricing!

How it works:
We estimate the gallons you’ll use.  We then take the gallons x the estimated budget plan cap price + tax and then divide by 12 months.   The budget plan price is ALWAYS lower than  the Keep Full and Will Call Price.

example only: estimate based on 900 gallons.
900 x 1.699 + tax  / 12 =  $135
Your payments would be $135 per month.


  • Regular Monthly Payment due by 15th of the month. Payment is not considered late until the last day of the month
  • No interest charges*
  • Low Budget price for your LP*
  • No special delivery or gas check charges*
  • Payment booklet furnished, with pre-addressed envelopes & record keeping log.
  • We review your records annually and recommend a increase/decrease if needed.
  • We will keep your tank at optimum capacity*, but please contact us when your tank nears 30%

*Applies as long your account is in good standing. Missing 1 or more monthly payments without notifying us removes you from the program, you are changed to will call and risk tank lock-out.

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